Fire Marshall Training

The new Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, states that the responsible person within the premises, must ensure that appropriate fire fighting equipment is available for use and it is clearly visible or its location clearly marked.

Fire Exinguisher

Depending on the type of premises, the hazards, activities carried out and/or other circumstances, identified personnel must be given fire training to the appropriate level by a competent person. It is a legal requirement.

The identification of personnel and appropriate level of training, should be determined by a risk based approach. In some circumstances, this may result in the requirement to have nominated Fire Wardens (Marshals).

It is current common practice for a designated number of staff [sometimes totally inappropriate], to be given basic fire fighting training such as evacuation procedure, identification of fire fighting equipment and its use. This sometimes involves the practical use of fire extinguishers and occasionally the extinguishing of a real fire. This type of training is often inappropriate and becoming increasingly difficult with environmental issues.

JKB offers a modern risk based training package that is flexible and designed around your particular needs, this will ensure that your company complies with the latest requirements under the new fire safety legislation.

The most up to date DVDs are used as part of the training package, to cover topics such as:

Approximately 1½ to 2 hour training course for up to 15 staff members including personal completion certificate starts from £160 (depending on location)

The training package as described does not preclude the practical use of fire extinguishers as this training can be arranged if specifically requested

For no obligation advice or to arrange a fire training course, click here to contact John or call him on (01553) 672236.

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